The best Mooney Aircraft ever (252 Turbo) - FOR SALE

If you are interested in a fine Malibu 310P, then look at this page.


This aircraft is in well maintained condition. Only four owners and most of the time long range IFR flights.
A clean and most efficient aircraft. Less then 12 gall/hour (45 ltr) for speeds between 160 KIAS and well above 180 KIAS, depending on altitude.
Range more then 1700 nm (see range chart)
All logs complete
Pilot Operating Handbook (POH) in English and German
This aircraft can be registered US or Germany/EU
Available: Immediately

You may read the history of this excellent aircraft (in German)

Airframe, new paint in 2013

Registration N880RA, before this D-EFKS (Germany, LBA)
Model M20K (252) Turbo, serial #25-1164
Year build 1988
New paint 2013
Service ceiling 28'000 feet
Autopilot, King KAP 150
Landing Lights: 1 conventional, 1 bright LED
Max. Takeoff Weight 1`315 KG, empty ~980 KG
Time since new: Hobbs hours: ~3.100, flight time ~2.900 hours
Landings: ~2'550

Flying Magazin, the world's most widely read aviation magazine, writes:
Mooney Stages a Comeback Aircraft production set to resume in 2014.
Read the full article in December 2013 editon or read online more:
Mooney Aviation Back in Business
Mooney Restarts Production in Kerrville
Or go direct to Mooney Webpage and read the press release article at:
Mooney to Restart Assembly Line

Powerful 210 bhp Engine with turbo for altitude

GAMInjector (2015)
Continental TCM TSIO360MB (1) with intercooler
Garrett Turbocharger to escape icing conditions, service ceiling 28'000 feet
Electrical heated propeller
Two blades (fastest version), MC 2A34C221/9
Digital fuel flow, SDI Hoskins, FT101
Engine monitor, Insigth G3
Cruise fuel flow less than 12 US gallons/hour/~45 ltr./hour
Time since SMOH: 1300 hours
6ea. New cylinder Kit with Piston and Valve Assy and 12ea. new Hydraulik Lifter (2016)
New spark plugs (2016)
New suction pump (2014)
New batterie (2014)
vv Quite new turbocharger (2012)
Fresh annual 03/2017

Avionik with Glass Panel

Primary Flight Display: Gamin, G500
included GMU (magnetometer), GDC (airdata computer), GRS (attitude and heading reference)
Chart enabled module for G500 to display IFR charts
COM1/NAV1/GPS: Garmin, GNS530-Waas
COM2/NAV2: King, KX165 TSO
Audio Panel: Garmin, GMA 340 with 4 place intercom
Transponder: Garmin, GTX 330
DME: Bendix/King, KN63
Traffic System: Ryan Avidyn, TAS620, Display on G500 with position and altitude difference
Stormscope: WX500, Dispay on GNS530-Waas
Autopilot coupled with Garmin G500 via GAD43 (enhanced autopilot interface)
ELT: Kannad, 406AH
Color Weather Radar: Sperry, DI-1007
HSI: King, KI258
Engine Monitor: Insight, G3


4 place built in oxygen
Extended, long range Monroy fuel tanks, total fuel >100 US gallons/~400 liters
Plus electrical pump for one additional Auxiliary Fuel Tank in baggage compartment
Total endurance can be more then 11 hours
Ammeter (Load%, Volt, Alternator Output%)
Aircraft cover
New inspection on oxygen bottle (2014)

Optional Equipment

Thermo-Cover (new)
Electrical tow bar
Chart enabled module for G500 to display IFR charts
Mooney Parts Catalogue
Mooney Service Manual
This web site


Speed and Range (POH) here with standard fuel amount 63 Gal. instead of 100 Gal.


A contact email address:

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